How it all started...

Karibu Centre is a project of Orphans Overseas.  Its mission is to serve the needs of marginalized children giving protection through education, prevention of abandonment, and provision of stable parents.  It started with the story of our founder and director, Jorie Kincaid, born to an unmarried teenager unable to provide for her. From the story of one young orphan girl an international collaboration was born.

A past to remember...

Jorie had the fortune to be raised and educated by a remarkable adoptive family who inspired her intense compassion for women like her birth mother who struggle to feed and care for their children.

A passion ignited...

She recognized the incredible gift she had been given by a family who nurtured her, educated her and helped her understand the value of each child. It became her passion to help other children like herself and vowed to provide that same opportunity for children around the world born to mothers struggling to raise them without support. Today there are millions of these children worldwide.

A movement begins...

In 1991 Jorie gathered a group of like-minded volunteers and began to serve the needs of orphan children, founding the organization, Orphans Overseas. Since those early days, the humanitarian work of Orphans Overseas has supported thousands of needy children across 10 countries within Eastern Europe, South America and Asia.

A Vision for Kenya

In 2005 a visit to Kenya prompted Jorie to consider extending the work of Orphans Overseas to reach the children of Africa. The needs she saw were great and local community leaders expressed the need for an abandonded infant centre and preschool in Thika. Through collaboration with Salvation Army, an 8 acre site was made available which was appropriately located near the slums of Thika. Although the property housed a collection of severly dilapidated and abandonded buildings, Jorie envisioned what the buildings could become. Upon seeing the property a new dream was birthed for a childrens centre. In the coming years, the property was secured and plans were under way for renovations. By the spring of 2009 Karibu Centre welcomed the first of many children from surrounding slums for a hot meal and an education. May 10, 2010 marked the official grand opening after one full year of operation.

Today Karibu Centre serves its surrounding communities by providing quality education and care to marginalized children and their families, transforming their lives by giving them hope for a bright future. Karibu Centre is making an impact!

The centre employs nearly 40 local Kenyan staff from surrounding communities and since its opening has benefited thousands of children within three primary programs.

1. Abandoned Infant Centre for neglected babies.

2. Day School Program for children from slum communities.

3. Computer Education Program in collaboration with Intel Corporation.